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Company Profile   Magnetic Lifters(Lifting Magnets) Manufacturer

kaesung Magnetic Lifters
The uniqeness of kaesung Magnetic Lifters
Located in the Noksan Industrial Estate of Busan, Korea, Kaesung has been manufacturing tens of thousands of magnetic lifters(lifting magnets) for overseas markets as well as the domestic market for the last couple of decades.
Established in 1964, Kaesung has produced a wide range of magnet-applied equipments and tools. Kaesung, a world-class company, is the global front-runner in innovating unique superior magnetic lifter. Kaesung discreetly honors distribution channels and market order in both domestic and overseas market.
Kaesung management pays special care to the welfare of its fifty employees in many ways. Kaesung pursues a firm where each and every employee is self-motivated and hard-working as if the company is his or her own.


Kaesung has devoted itself to the shipbuilding industry by manufacturing and supplying magnetic lifters and various magnetic tools for the improvement of productivity and efficiency. Magnetic lifters(lifting magnets) are for easy transporting and handling of steel plates, and magnetic tools are for a wide range of metalworking, including welding.
Therefore, shipbuilders and Kaesung have moved and will move together.

The major character of Kaesung magnetic lifter is its functional structure. Unlike other competitor’s products, a couple of half ring magnets set in a round protective case with a divider in the middle are rotated to direct magnetism to flow inside the unit (off position) or to flow outwardly (on position). By adding or reducing the segments of ring magnets, the capacity of a unit can be adjusted. The key to smoothly rotating switch lever is the turning round magnet. As the ring magnet is protected in a case, the Kaesung magnetic lifters are resilient to external shock.
Each and every unit of Kaesung magnetic lifter is fully tested to check if the unit meets the designated capacity on computerized testing machine that can test up to 50 ton pull-away force. Moreover, toxic materials have been eliminated from Kaesung magnetic lifters since 2006 to make environmentally friendly.
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